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The first vehicle that featured Lambo doors was the 1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo concept car. Having an innovative design, the concept had an extremely poor rear visibility. The first production car, to feature vertical doors, was Lamborghini. Since then, the doors receive the Lamborghini doors name or simply Lambo doors. Lambo style doors open typically like ordinary doors but they lift up over the vehicle's roof. Various kit applications allow the door to go completely vertical up to 130 degrees. Vertical doors can be difficult to close from a seated position, so it's better to have drop handles, that make this process easier.

In recent years, vertical doors have become the hottest new trend in the aftermarket industry that can give a sporty look to any car. They are useful when parking in tight spaces, because the vertical doors stay within the car's track when open. Some applications are creative designed to open both vertically and horizontally. Lambo door kits are used to convert most vehicle's doors to Lamborghini style. To insure maximum quality, kits are CAD/CAM designed to fit the vehicle perfectly. Nearly all Lambo door kits are a bolt-on applications and require no modifications, however, some kits may require welding.

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