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Suicide Hinge System Installation Instructions

Suicide Hinge System Installation Instructions

1) Hold the hinge assembly up to the door jamb section of the body. Pick a location that is the approximate middle of door from top to bottom.

IMPORTANT: Keep the hinge assembly as close to the outer body skin as possible. The edge of the hinge square should be just up against the step in the jamb post. Applications will vary, but as a reference, there should be a maximum of 1/4" to 3/8" distance from the outer body skin to the edge of square cut outs.

IMPORTANT: In order to have the door open level, the hinge assembly should be perpendicular to the ground. In some cases, the top hinge may be at a different distance from the outer door skin than the bottom hinge.

2) Bring the hinge assembly inside the vehicle and match the square holes with the square hinge tubing. Slide the assembly forward until the pivot pin is approximately one inch from the door jamb section of the body. This is a very critical step. This location of the pivot pin allows the door to push away from the body as the door swings back.

IMPORTANT: The pivot point rests on the outer body skin and is kept back approximately 1" from the door jamb. These two placements are critical. If this placement is not possible in your application, locate the hinge as close to it as possible.

3) The swing arms will protrude from the door jamb into the door in a way that may not be flush with the inner door skin. If this is the case, it will be necessary to build recessed door pockets to match the swing arms to the door skin. Hold the door up to the body and determine the location of the recessed pocket.

IMPORTANT: At this point, the hinge assembly should only be welded in place with tack-welds until the door can be checked for proper operation.

4) If it isn't necessary to build recessed door pockets, you may disregard them and mount the swing arms to the inner door skin with the supplied backing plates (two provided per side.)

IMPORTANT: Tack-weld the door to the body with the desired door gap before attaching the swing arm to the inner door skin. After door has been temporarily attached, push the swing arm up to the inner door skin from inside the vehicle. At this point, mark the holes to be drilled for mounting the door. Slightly over size the mounting holes to allow for future adjustments. Cut door loose and check swing.

Note that in some applications, the backing plate location can be switched to the interior side.

IMPORTANT: 4 metal plates are included that may be used for additional support and/or spacing on some vehicles.

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