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LSD Doors® Installation Instructions

Safety Information:

LSD door kits must be installed according to the vehicle-specific instructions provided by LSD-Doors. The installation should be performed by an authorized dealer.

When extending factory wire harness, follow the vehicle manufacturer's guidelines for cable repairs. When extending CAN-bus, pay attention to the processes of rerouting, screening, and twisting (check vehicle manufacturer's specifications). Be careful not to damage any systems.

After installation of the kit, side airbags (if any) should be tested for proper operation by an authorized dealer.

Performing final adjustments of the doors, make sure they close and lock according to the OEM specifications (check original closing angles, locking positions, gaps, etc.).

Be careful while working in the operating area of the doors and hinge system (be especially careful when working with a partner or when there are other people in the working area).

All doors must be securely closed before setting vehicle into motion. Driving with open doors is prohibited.

Do not mount heavy loudspeakers without increasing pressure of the gas spring.

Adjust horizontal opening angle of the doors to the possible maximum.

The gas spring should hold your door at the maximum height under all operating conditions. To guarantee that, choose gas spring with the appropriate pressure level.

Empty door storage compartments, otherwise all the objects placed in there will fall as the door opens and the weight of the door will change, which may influence the gas spring operation.

WARNING: gas spring is under extreme pressure! Make sure all mounting brackets are securely fastened in the right places.

General instructions:

A properly instructed partner will make the installation process easier.

Regular servicing of the doors and gas springs at a specialized body shop will expand their service life.


An additional inside handle must be installed to simplify opening and closing of the doors from seated position.

White door lights must be disabled via removal of light bulbs or bulb sockets in accordance with Fig. 5.22 of ECE Reg. No. 48.

After installation of the LSD hinge system, reinstall original inner fender cover to keep LSD hinges free from debris.

Functionality of the vehicle comfort systems, e.g., central locking system (if any), must be checked at an authorized body shop.

Check functionality of all other systems and components (loudspeakers, anti-theft systems, CAN-bus, window rollers, crash-sensors, driver seat memory, mirror heating/adjustment, etc.) at an authorized body shop.

When adjusting the doors, be careful to place them in the proper door openings not to cause any damage to other components. The processes of adjustment and testing must be performed with great attention.

If A-pillar or doors have been modified, use supplied chassis glue (if specified in the list and included in the set) for tight joint. Make sure that sealed surfaces are free from dust and grease before applying chassis glue. Proper door sealing will guarantee safety.

Note: gas springs have been tested on standard doors. If your doors come with additional equipment, it may slightly modify their weight and you may need to order stronger or lighter gas spring (additional costs may arise).

Please note that the gas spring pressure may vary due to temperature, which will influence opening and closing force. Warranty claims will not be honored unless there is defect in material or workmanship.

When body work is performed, apply anti-corrosion covering to all the modified surfaces according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

After the LSD kit installation, the doors opening angle is limited. The doors must be first carefully opened outwards and then upwards. When too much force is applied to the limiters/stop points body parts may damage.

The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use, improper installation, or application of excessive force to the limiters/stop points.

All guidelines can be changed without prior notice. Editions can be found at

Maintenance information and installation tips

Adhesive tape

To meet the latest Surface Preparation Standards, LSD hinges are protected against corrosion. Still rust may appear under severe service conditions. Which is why, we recommend applying corrosion prevention spray to all surfaces of your LSD kit before and after installation (excluding the piston rod area).

Use the corrosion prevention spray as follows: Remove the protective oil coat of the LSD hinges with any degreasing agent before spray application. Spray all sides of the LSD hinge and gas spring (excluding the piston rod area) with the corrosion prevention spray. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes at 20 C (68 F).

Note: Make sure to cover piston rod with protective wrapping as damage might occur otherwise. It is recommended to wrap or tape piston rod. Please follow safety instructions and put on breathing mask before using spray.

Install LSD hinges according to the Installation Instructions. Before mounting fenders, apply spray to the LSD hinges and all components once again.

Note: Make sure to cover all car parts with protective wrapping.

Note: Make sure to cover piston rod with protective wrapping as damage might occur otherwise. It is recommended to wrap or tape piston rod. Let it dry again for 10-15 minutes at 20 C (68 F). Now remove covering form the piston rod and finish installation.

Additional otes

(hese instructions refer to one side of the vehicle. Please repeat for both sides). Cannot be applied to all vehicles.

To reinforce modified fender install supplied fender mounts. They should be mounted between the LSD mounting plate (or A-pillar) and the fender.

The distance can be fitted by adjusting the long slot plate to get a snug fit between the required parts. In case of space problems, please shorten the side lengths, mount the components in U-shape or use the supplied extension plate.

Installation Variants

With extension plate

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