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LSD Doors® FAQ

1. What are LSD door kits?

LSD door kits are conversion kits that make original doors open upwards Lamborghini style. The factory hinges are replaced by the vehicle-specific LSD hinges.

2. Can I install LSD hinges by myself?

We recommend professional installation, though people skilled in vehicle body work may install hinges themselves.

3. Are there any major car modifications required?

No major modifications are necessary. The LSD hinges are installed using original hinge mounting points. Still, the inside edge of the fender should be trimmed for clear and finished look. No exterior paint work is required.

4. What does a kit include?

A kit includes two fully pre-assembled LSD hinges, gas springs, all the hardware needed (wire extensions, isolated wire straps, waterproof duct tape, wire routing clips), detailed installation instructions, and TUV certificate. The kits are complete, no additional parts are needed for installation.

5. Does the wiring need to be extended?

In some cars factory door wiring can be used without having to be extended. For the vehicles requiring wire extension, a vehicle-specific wire set (with connectors and insulation) is included in the conversion kit. After installation of the kit, side airbags (if any) should be tested for proper operation.

6. Can I install LSD door kit without assistance?

To guarantee safety, hinges should be installed by two persons, especially when it comes to the doors adjustment and gas spring installation.

7. How long does it take to install LSD door kit?

Depending on vehicle and estimated time of installation (ETI), you will need up to two days. For more information, please check installation instructions.

8. How does the door stay open?

The door stays open due to the gas spring that holds it in position.

9. How durable is the gas spring?

The gas spring is manufactured of high quality steel and is tested to meet all German and European requirements.

10. What is the height of the doors when they are open?

The lambo door opening angle is approximately 40-50 degrees. Thus you will have no problems entering or exiting the vehicle.

11. What should I do if there is no possibility to open the doors upwards (e.g., in a garage)?

The doors initially open 30 degrees outwards (like original doors), so getting in and out of the car is guaranteed even in the limited space conditions.

12. Can I reinstall factory door hinges?

Yes. When designing our hinges, we considered the possibility of original hinges re-installation.

13. Is it hard to get in and out of the car?

Depending on the vehicle model, there are different opening angles, which makes it comfortable for everyone to get in and out of the car.

14. Is it hard to open and close the door?

The gas spring supports the door during lifting and dampens it during lowering. The force required for opening is about 3.3-11 lb depending on the vehicle model. Each vehicle equipped with a specially adjusted spring has been tested. Please note that the gas spring pressure may change depending on temperature; which may slightly alter the force required to open and close the door. These variations, that should not be considered a defect, they are normal for the gas springs nature.

15. Can an additional wire routing be installed?

Yes, that is possible. However, the wires should be properly secured not to be nipped by the door.

16. Will there be wind noises?

There will be no noises caused by wind. The 3-D adjustment provides proper gap clearance and smooth operation.

17. My vehicle was somewhat damaged in an accident. Will the installation be possible?

In case of a severe frame deformation, the installation of the hinges will be complicated. Modifications of the A-pillar can influence the functionality of the door hinges.

18. Will safety and protection be guaranteed?

Numerous side impact tests have shown excellent results. The patented hinge system ensures optimum safety in the event of a side impact. All tests have been conducted according to ECE-R 95 and 96/27/EC Directives. A vehicle equipped with LSD doors ensures protection and guarantees optimum safety for its passengers

19. Is paint job required after the installation?

Painting of the inside edge of the fender may be required. In case of any trimming, corrosion resistant spray coating is recommended.

20.What is the weight of the LSD door kit?

The total weight of one door after the kit installation is about 22lbs-30lbs, depending on the vehicle model.

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