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Lambo doors by LSD are specifically designed to make almost any car look significantly different, and by "different" the style enhancement is meant. Especially when you possess a sports vehicle that comes regularly with stock horizontal doors, like this Chevrolet Corvette on the following video. See for yourself how this Corvette looks like after switching to vertical lambo doors.

This is an official KW Automotive Inc video presentation of wider range of cars with the lambo vertical LSD doors installed. It demonstrates not only the end result of installed vertical lambo doors but also how the door mechanism works.

LSD doors are upgrades which you should consider when going to transform your car into something much more customized than stock. They can make most vehicles look really sporty and lambo-looking. Lambo vertical doors are of German quality, well known all over the world. This is a brilliant mechanism, which will serve you long without failures.

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